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Powder Coating

Our powder coating service is for household appliances, bicycle frames, wheels, automobiles, and more, granting a colourful but strong finish that lasts for years to come.

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is a resurfacing process used to remove debris and irregularities from metal and other industrial surfaces.

Thermoplastic Coating

Thermoplastic coating (warm to touch) is the dipping of metal components into thermoplastic powders.

Zinc Plating

Zinc plating is the process of electrodepositing zinc onto mild steel. Zinc plating parts will offer excellent corrosion resistance.

Iridite NCP

Iridite NCP can withstand high temperatures, this makes it suitable for use on items with high operating temperatures such as automotive industry.


Phosphate conversion coating creates a layer of phosphates on a metal surface which provides benefits such as corrosion resistance or lubrication.

Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is similar to sand blasting but more gentle as it uses sodium bicarbonate. This is blasted with compressed air at the target to smoothen, roughen, or polish the surface.

Glass Bead Blasting

Glass bead blasting involves firing small glass beads at an object's surface for a smooth finish.

Aqua Blasting

Aqua blasting, sometimes known as vapour blasting, is a means of removing surface dirt and grime from a range of metal components, antiques and other surfaces.

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We develop a unique and innovative service tailored to each customer

Our aim is to always excel in the job we do and to make sure every customer is happy with the received product.

We strive to get work out on time and to meet deadlines – which are often 24 hours. All work that leaves the building is checked before packed away securely as we pride ourselves on the quality of our work


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