Powder Coating

Pershore Dip Coating provide powder coating in Worcester and surrounding areas for a range of metals.

Our Powder Coating Services

Our powder coating service is for industrial, marine, rail, defence, wheels, household, and more, granting a colourful but strong finish that lasts for years to come. Powder coating is less wasteful and toxic than liquid paint, protecting objects from water, weather, abrasion, chemicals, and heat.

Powder coating services are now a popular alternative to traditional paint for these reasons and many more. Pershore Dip Coating provide powder coating in Worcestershire for a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, construction, and automotive.

Powder coating is as protective as it is colourful and appealing, so it’s ideal for industrial environments and heavy equipment.

What Do We Offer

Pershore Dip Coating has the latest powder coating booth, oven, and gun technology. Our track is outfitted with a three-metre booth and oven, along with a Wagner Sprint X box-fed gun.

Our oven is designed to reuse its own heat, helping to keep the run costs down with an automatic shutoff system once powder coated parts have cured.

We offer optimised powder coating services, saving costs and reducing material usage wherever possible.

By using cutting-edge technology and our extensive experience, we’re able to offer powder coating with the greatest level of accuracy and quality.

We can also source any RAL colour requested, giving you the widest range of choice for your finish.

Businesses in Worcestershire looking for ‘powder coaters near me’ should look no further.

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Check out our ovens! For powder coating and also wet paint jobs. We have a 3m oven and a new second oven and booth which can accommodate items 6m long by 3m wide.

powder coating oven
powder coating oven

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