Iridite NCP

Pershore Dip Coating provide iridite NCP in Worcester and surrounding areas for a range of metals.

What Is iridite ncp?

Iridite NCP is a specialised and highly versatile surface treatment and coating solution developed for aluminium substrates. Providing an alternative to traditional chromium-based passivation methods, Iridite NCP can enhance the performance and durability of aluminium components while being better overall for the environment.

Iridite NCP is renowned for its exceptional resistance to high temperatures. Where it’s used as a standalone protective finish, or as a base for painting, Iridite NCP provides excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance.

An Iridite NCP service can give your components the protection they need to withstand challenging conditions, extending their lifespan and reducing costs.

The Iridite NCP Process


An Iridite NCP service will follow a number of steps to create a protective and corrosion-resistant surface on aluminium substrates. Before the coating process begins, the parts will be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed, removing surface contaminants, oils, grease and any other impurities. This is essential to ensure that the coating adheres properly to the aluminium surface.

The Iridite NCP is applied in liquid form using an immersion or spraying method, depending on what is most appropriate for the particular part and application. This forms a thin, uniform coating on the aluminium surface.

Once the coating has been applied, the aluminium parts are then allowed to dry and cure. This is essential to ensure that the coating adheres and forms a protective layer. Parts are then checked for quality and consistency.

As a professional Iridite NCP service in Worcestershire, Pershore Dip Coating will ensure that the process is carried out diligently to achieve high-quality results.


High Corrosion Protection, Adhesion & Compatibility

Iridite NCP is used widely in the automotive industry, and its versatility means it is also a valuable process in other sectors such as electronics, construction, aerospace and manufacturing. It can be applied to an extensive range of aluminium components.

As a non-chromium passivate, it provides a protective layer on aluminium surfaces without needing to use chromium compounds which can be toxic. This is a significant advantage and helps industries meet safety and environmental requirements. When Iridite NCP is used as a standalone finish it provides an effective barrier against corrosion and oxidation. This helps to preserve the appearance and integrity of aluminium components. By creating a corrosion-resistant layer it shields the metal from a range of potentially damaging environmental factors, inhibiting the growth of rust.

Iridite NCP can also be used as a base layer for paint due to its excellent adhesion properties, resulting in a durable finish.

Iridite NCP Service in Worcester

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We can provide Iridite NCP for parts 900mm x 350mm 750mm. Our experienced team can advise about Iridite NCP and answer any questions you may have.

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