Glass Bead Blasting

Pershore Dip Coating provide bead blasting in Worcester and surrounding areas for a range of metals.

What Is glass bead Blasting?

Glass bead blasting is a highly effective surface preparation method that involves firing small glass beads at an object’s surface for a smooth finish. The small spherical glass beads are typically made from recycled glass materials. Compressed air is used to project the glass beads at the surface where, upon impact, they dislodge unwanted substances from the surface such as rust, paint and contaminants. This leaves the surface clean and with a controlled even finish.

Our glass bead blasting service in Worcestershire is an effective way to safely remove unwanted substances from the surface of a material without damaging the substrate.

Precision Blasting for a Range of Materials

Glass bead blasting provides a high-precision blasting method that is particularly suited for delicate or sensitive surfaces. This can include aluminium, stainless steel and softer metals as it removes the risk of deformation or damage that may occur when more abrasive blasting methods are used.

Because of this precision glass bead blasting services are often the preferred choice in industries where surface quality is important including aerospace, medical equipment and automotive industries.

Recycle & Re-Use

The non-toxic glass beads used by glass bead blasting services are usually made from recycled materials. These, in turn, can be recycled after use making glass bead blasting a more environmentally friendly way of achieving the desired surface results across a range of applications.


Where is Glass Bead Blasting used?

Glass bead blasting is widely used across a range of industries and applications where precision surface preparation and finishing are essential.

Some of the most common uses of glass bead blasting services include:

  • Automotive Components
  • Medical Equipment
  • Aircraft Components
  • Marine Components
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Decorative & Architectural Applications
  • Electronic Components



Glass Bead Blasting Worcestershire

Pershore Dip Coating is the trusted glass bead blasting service throughout Worcestershire. Our family-run team provides a personal and professional approach to all our clients across all our services. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and can offer expert advice about the shot blasting process.

If you’re looking for glass bead blasting near you, then Pershore Dip Coating is the professional choice.

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