Aqua Blasting

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What Is Aqua Blasting?

Aqua blasting, sometimes known as vapour blasting, is a means of removing surface dirt and grime from a range of metal components, antiques and other surfaces. Abrasive particles are mixed with water and propelled onto a surface to remove contaminants, paint, rust and other materials.

An aqua blasting service can efficiently clean and finish a variety of materials including metal, plastic, composites and ceramics.

Why choose aqua blasting?

Aqua blasting has some advantages over other dry blasting methods when preparing certain materials. Aqua blasting reduces dust emissions and has a gentler impact on the substrate. Because the water acts as a cushion it reduces the abrasive impact of the particles and, in turn, removes the risk of surface damage. Water also controls the generation and spread of dust, making it a safer and more environmentally friendly choice.

Depending on the choice of abrasive material and the water pressure used, it can create a range of surface finishes, from smooth and polished to textured. 

Our aqua blasting service in Worcestershire is a good choice if you’re looking to prepare a surface but want to reduce the risk of damage to the underlying substrate.


Precision Blasting

The aqua blasting process allows operators to adjust the ratio of water to abrasive materials as well as the water pressure to control the aggressiveness of the blasting process. This makes it a versatile solution that can easily be customised for a wide variety of applications.


Surface Protection

Aqua blasting works effectively at preparing a surface while ensuring that the underlying material remains undamaged and intact. This protection is particularly important when working with delicate or valuable materials. Aqua blasting can reduce the amount of stress exerted onto the substrate even when working on a curved or irregular surface. Aqua blasting also generates minimal heat which is essential for protecting materials such as plastics and composites that may be liable to distort or melt under high temperatures.


Where is Aqua blasting used?

Aqua blasting services are used across a range of industries that require precise cleaning, surface preparation and restoration. These include

  • Automotive
  • Marine Industries
  • Manufacturing
  • Furniture Restoration
  • Surface Refinishing
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Architectural Restoration & Renovation
  • Electronics Manufacturing


Aqua Blasting service in Worcestershire

Pershore Dip Coating is the trusted aqua blasting service throughout Worcestershire. Our family-run team provides a personal and professional approach to all our clients across all our services. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and can offer expert advice about the shot blasting process.

If you’re looking for aqua blasting near you, then Pershore Dip Coating is the professional choice.

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