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What Is phosphating?

Phosphating is a valuable technique used across a range of industries to treat metal surfaces, particularly those made of steel, iron, or aluminium. Metal is immersed into a phosphate solution which then chemically reacts with the metal surface to create a layer of phosphate.

A phosphating service can enhance the corrosion resistance of the metal, acting as a barrier to help protect it from environmental factors, and reducing the risk of rust and deterioration. Phosphate conversion coatings help increase the longevity of your metal, making it a popular technique in a range of situations.

A phosphating service in Worcester can help ensure that metal services receive the appropriate treatment to ensure longevity and performance.

What is the Phosphate Conversion Process?

The phosphate conversion process is a chemical treatment for preparing metal surfaces. Firstly, the metal surface is cleaned to ensure that it is free of contaminants. The metal surface is activated with an acid or alkaline solution and immersed in a phosphate solution, creating a layer of phosphate compounds. The surface is rinsed of any excess solution. The chemical composition of the phosphate solution immersion time can be adjusted to meet specific requirements.


Why Use a Phosphating Service?

The phosphate conversion process is used widely across a range of industries such as automotive, manufacturing and aerospace. A phosphating service will enhance the performance and longevity of the metal components, making it a highly valued surface treatment technique.

Its popularity across different industries is due to a number of reasons. Phosphate conversion critically enhances corrosion resistance, creating a protective barrier against a range of environmental factors such as moisture and salt. This resistance is essential in ensuring the maximum lifespan of the metal. Phosphate coatings also provide an ideal surface for paint adhesion and can act as solid lubricants that reduce metal-on-metal friction, The process can also increase the surface area of the metal, and in some cases, phosphate coatings provide electrical insulation, reducing the risk of conduction between metal components.

Phosphate conversion is a flexible process that has a wide range of applications in different fields.


Phosphating Service Worcestershire

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