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How long does powder coating last?

 Powder coating is an increasingly popular finishing technique that brings both colour and

outstanding protection to a range of surfaces. It’s widely used across industry and in the

domestic market, being used to add the finishing touch to everything from automotive parts to

outdoor furniture. 

One of the key reasons for its popularity is its durability. It can withstand a variety of conditions

and provides outstanding protection to the surface underneath.

What is the lifespan of powder coating?

 Powder coating lifespan is one of its key attractions as a finishing treatment. It is renowned for

its durability and, in many cases, will outlast the lifespan of traditional liquid paint. 

A range of different factors will impact powder coating life expectancy. The quality of the

coating, the type of substrate and how it has been prepared are all important. A critical factor in

powder coating life is the environmental conditions to which it has been exposed. 

High-quality powder coating that has been professionally applied will have a lifespan of between

15-20 years, making it a highly durable and cost-effective choice. 

Is powder coating rust-proof?

Powder coating will provide excellent protection against corrosion and rust. However, it cannot

be guaranteed to be entirely rust-proof. If the powder coating is damaged, or if imperfections

were present in the coating application, it may be possible for moisture and oxygen to penetrate.

If the underlying surface is metal this can lead to corrosion. 

Maintaining the integrity of the coating and addressing any damage promptly maximises powder

coating life. Carrying out regular inspections and touch-ups can help prevent any rust from

forming. Ensuring your powder coating has been correctly applied by a trusted powder coating

company is crucial.

Does powder coating crack?

Compared to traditional paint, powder coating offers a high degree of crack resistance.

However, under excessive conditions such as stress, bending or flexing of metal parts, cracking

can occur. Additionally, thermal stress can be caused by extreme temperature fluctuations. With

proper care and attention, powder coating will be highly resistant to developing cracks.

Does powder coating scratch easily?

Powder coating provides strong resistance to scratching thanks to its tough and resilient finish.

To minimise the risk of scratches and to extend the powder coating life expectancy, it’s essential

that any coated objects are handled with care. Abrasive cleaning materials and methods should

be avoided. If scratches do occur, they can usually be repaired by recoating the area affected.

Durable powder coating from Pershore Dip Coating  

Based in Worcestershire, we provide powder coating for a wide range of industries such as

manufacturing, construction, and automotive. We believe it has a range of advantages when

compared to paint, especially with regards to finish and efficiency. Its durability and longevity

give it a real advantage over other coatings

Our powder coating service is suitable for a wide range of industrial, commercial and domestic


Contact us to find out more. 

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