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Powder coating, despite its wide range of benefits and strengths, isn’t a high cost choice. It’s a highly affordable alternative to liquid paint, and its long life often makes it a much better investment.

Let’s look closer at powder coating cost and why you may want to choose powder coating over paint.

Is it cheaper to paint or powder coat?

Costs can vary widely depending on how you pursue either option. The cheapest possible option is to purchase paint and apply it yourself, but this sacrifices both the expertise of a professional and the strengths of powder coating, which cannot be applied through DIY means.

Powder coating is competitively priced when compared to traditional paint, and while it’s not as cheap as a DIY solution, there’s good reason for that: you get what you pay for!

A professionally applied powder coating will last for decades, giving it an incredibly high cost to benefit ratio.

How is powder coating cost calculated?

The cost of powder coating depends on a balance of several variables.

Different providers may use different formulas to work out their costs. They will likely use any combination of factors including:

– The amount of powder used, calculated by weight or volume.

– The size of the part being coated in surface area.

– The number of parts being coated per hour or per job slot.

– The type of powder being used to coat the object.

– Any specificities in finish or texture.

– Labour costs to carry out the job using expert control and equipment.

Though some of these factors can mean there’s more to consider with a powder coating job, it also grants much more control and specificity to your powder coating job than would be possible with a simple paint job.

How much does it cost to powder coat wheels?

Again, the cost to powder coat wheels depends on factors including the material from which the materials are made and the type of powder being used.

The cost to powder coat wheels typically starts from around £80. This may cost more or less depending on whether these are car, motorbike, or bicycle wheels, and whether you want only the rims coated or include the disc and more.

Bear in mind the different costs of powder types too, so when searching for a powder coating provider like Pershore, it’s always best to contact us directly and discuss your specific needs.

Is powder coating worth the money?

If you need an object coated to add colour, textural finish, and to protect it from wear and tear, then powder coating is always worth the money.

Powder coating grants all the same benefits of liquid paint, but lasts longer and boasts much higher durability. This includes abrasion resistance as well as resistance to chipping and peeling, particularly in the case of thermoset powders which bond to the substrate when cured.

A well-applied powder coat can last upwards of 20 years if properly cared for and given regular light maintenance to keep it free of dirt and other substances that might impact its longevity.

Powder coating often adds a more interesting aesthetic finish than traditional coatings, giving it a kind of prestige and tone that isn’t afforded by a glossy coat of paint. This gives powder coating a worth beyond just the return you get for the money paid.

It looks more premium, whilst still offering lots of hardiness and protection to its substrate. In many ways, powder coating is the perfect marriage of aesthetics and performance.

Can I do powder coating myself?

No. Powder coating relies on specific equipment that allows the powder to cling to the substrate using electrostatic charge.

It then needs to be cured using specially made ovens that can reach the right temperature and heat the powder at the right scale.

Above all else, applying the powder evenly and for the right film thickness needs an expert hand and a good knowledge of the craft. It can’t be done by just anybody, but that’s why the professional results are more than worth their cost.

To enquire about a professional powder coating job that will last you for years to come, contact Pershore Dip Coating.

We’ll listen to your needs and get you precisely what you need. To find out more, contact us now.

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