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What colours are available for powder coating?

Powder coating is an increasingly popular finishing technique that is used to protect and enhance the appearance of metal objects. 

A dry powder is applied to the surface of the metal and then heated. This creates a coating that is not only durable, but also highly attractive. 

In fact, one of the attractions of the technique is the extensive range of powder coating colours that are available. This makes it a highly versatile technique ideal for customisation.

What powder coating colours are available, and can colours be matched for powder coating jobs with specific requirements?

What are the different colours that can be used for powder coating?

There is a wide range of options when it comes to powder coat colours. In fact, it’s not really an exaggeration to say that you can have almost any shade you like. The range includes variations of standard colours like black, white grey and silver, all of which are commonly used across various applications. 

Metallic powder coatings contain fine metal particles that create a sparkling effect that mimics the appearance of metals such as bronze, copper, gold and aluminium. Alloy wheel powder coating colours typically encompass a wide spectrum including popular options such as classic silver, glossy black, metallic bronze and gunmetal grey. Custom colours can be created to match individual preferences.

As well as colours, a range of finishes can be applied to achieve different effects. Glossy finishes provide a reflected shine, while matt finishes give an object a non-reflective, muted appearance. Transparent powder coatings can be used to achieve distinct visual effects that allow the metal surface to show through, perhaps with an added subtle colour tint.

The range of powder coating colours is extensive, enabling designers, manufacturers and consumers to find the colour that best suits their needs. It’s this range and variety that makes powder coating such a popular choice for creating a durable and attractive finish on a wide range of surfaces and objects. 

What does RAL mean in powder coating?

RAL stands for “Reichs-Ausschuss für Lieferbedingungen” which means “Imperial Committee for Delivery Terms” in English. RAL is a colour-matching system that was originally developed in Germany and has become an international standard for colour communication that’s widely used across industries including powder coating. 

Different colours are assigned unique codes that allow for consistent colour identification across different applications. Every RAL colour is represented by a four-digit number. For example, RAL 9005 is jet black and RAL 9010 is pure white. These codes make it easier for manufacturers, consumers and designers to select specific colours.

RAL colours are used for powder coating because they provide a standardised means to ensure consistency and match colours. By referring to the RAL system, usually via a powder coating RAL colour chart, customers can accurately specify the desired colour.

The RAL system makes it easier to find the right colour for your particular powder coating job.

Can powder coat be colour matched?

Powder coating providers understand how important it is to maintain colour accuracy. To achieve this they provide colour matching services to meet specific requirements. Colour matching allows customers to achieve consistency in appearance across different components to match existing colours. It’s particularly important when colour coordination is essential, such as in architectural projects or when there’s there a need for brand consistency in product manufacturing. 

A colour sample will usually be provided, be that a painted swatch or an object with the desired colour. The powder coating provider will then analyse the colour sample to determine its particular properties, including its hue, saturation and brightness. They may use sophisticated colour-matching equipment such as spectrophotometers to precisely measure the colour components. 

Powder coating from Pershore Dip Coating

At Pershore Dip Coating, we provide an extensive range of powder coating colours for our customers. 

We can source any standard RAL colour requested, giving you the widest selection of choices for your finish.

Based in Worcestershire, we provide metal finishing for companies operating in a wide range of sectors, from automotive to defence, industrial to manufacturing.

Combining our extensive know-how with the latest technological developments, we can tailor our powder coating service to your fabrication needs.

Contact us to find out more. 

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